Pachislo Skill Stop Slot Machines come from casinos in Japan.  In Japan gambling is illegal, so players must purchase tokens for machine play which are then redeemed for prizes.  By law each Pachislo machine is only allowed to be used in a casino for one year, after which it must be removed.  Initially the machines were scrapped and the parts were reused.  In the late 1990's they began shipping the used machines to the U.S. by the container load for resale to consumers.

The manufacturers began to create machines with themes for American users, including James Bond, Rocky, Vegas and Harley Davidson.  American manufacturers like IGT also started producing these machines for a period of time.

These machines are quite different than their U.S. counterparts, and many of these differences make them appealing to U.S. consumers for home entertainment.

SIZE:  Pachislo machines are about 3' tall with a 19"x19" base.  American machines can be much larger both in height and base size.

WEIGHT: Pachislos weigh between 85 and 90 lbs., which makes them much easier to move and transport compared to U.S. machines, which can weight hundreds of pounds.  Most Pachislos also have handles built into the sides of the machines for easy moving.

POWER:  The power cord on American machines come from the bottom.  This means the buyer must have a special stand that can hold the weight and one which allows them to run the cord from the bottom of the machine, through a hole in the top of the stand and then through another hole in either the back or side of the stand and into the outlet.  Pachislo cords come from the back.  Because they are light virtually any stand will hold them.  Just run the cord and play.

PLAY:  On most American slots the user hits a button to spin the reels and they can either stop the reels when they would like or the reels automatically stop.  Pachislo machines require the user to stop each reel individually and in any order using buttons on the front of the machine.  This gives the user more control over the outcome of a spin.  There are universal stop boards available that will convert Pachislo machine reels to stop automatically much like American machines.

REPAIR:  In some ways, Pachislo machines are much easier to troubleshoot and repair because they are less complicated than American machines.  For example, if an owner loses the door key on an American machine they would need to purchase the exact same key or drill the lock.  There are many solutions to this problem with a Pachislo because you can easily access the inside of the machine through the back with a little practice to pop the latch.  Once the door is open you can remove and replace the lock with another lock or with a lock substitute.


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